Featured Speakers:

 Philippe Koffi
Philippe Koffi
Director Future Combat Aeronautic Systems, DGA
French MoD
 Chris Garside
Chris Garside
Engineering Director, Future Combat Air Systems
BAE Systems
Colonel Vito Cracas
Colonel Vito Cracas
Commanding Officer, 36th Fighter Wing
Italian Air Force
Colonel Bernard Willi
Colonel Bernard Willi
Chief Combat Air
Joint Air Power Competence Centre
Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Manuel Crespo
Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Manuel Crespo
Plans & Policy
Spanish Air Force

Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAV) 2014

With the recent first flight trials of Taranis and the second set of carrier trials for the X-47B, momentum in UCAV development is gathering. Nations are looking towards next generation air combat systems as part of their long term air capability frameworks, with UCAVs featuring heavily. In what capacity, and to what extent they will replace manned systems is a key area for debate.

Defence IQ is delighted to announce UCAV 2014 taking place between 30-31 July in London

This exclusive event will examine UCAVs’ critical capabilities, looking specifically at challenges such as autonomy protocols, integration with manned systems and how platforms can be developed to operate in contested airspace with stealth and counter measures. This will be complemented with the wider doctrinal, political and ethical discussion.

Articles  Industry Analysis

Terminal Velocity?: UCAV market to change dramatically by 2025
Read the analysis:
Terminal Velocity? UCAV market to change dramatically by 2025

Conference highlights:

  • Discover the latest developments with the X-47B, Taranis, UCLASS, Neuron and FCAS programmes
  • Get a detailed understanding of UCAV design architecture and how this will be implemented
  • Learn how nations are preparing for the integration of UCAVs into their air capability frameworks, looking specifically at procedural and de-confliction approaches
  • Share lessons learned from operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East and engage in debate on how these can be incorporated into the future of UCAV technologies

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